Welcome to Tadley Library's Opening Day
Tuesday 24th February 2004


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Audio Described videos were shown on the TV- these are videos with a voice over.  A voice explains what is happening in the quiet bits of a film, it describes the scenery, facial expressions and they are absolutely brilliant for those with sight impairment.  One of our guest’s who is registered blind said how useful it would be to watch a film with her grandchildren and not have to ask all the time” what’s happening now?”.

The catalogue of these videos is available at the Library and the collection is kept at South Ham Library.  Items can be sent free of charge to any Library in Hampshire and they cost £1 per week. At the moment we are doing a promotion so the first one is free.



Ann Stoker


We finished the morning with a Reminiscence session where we showed slides of familiar scenes in the 1950’s- a typical kitchen, Christmas Day and going on holiday.  The slides are part of the Reminiscence collection which has books, videos, games, jig saws, quizzes and posters all available free of charge and can be ordered from the Library.  Reminiscence is often used with groups of elderly and it can be enormous fun- it encourages conversation by remembering past times. 

We had a very successful morning  and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and maybe learnt something new about Tadley library - Ann Stoker


A few photos on the day before Sainsbury's opened


Sainsbury's Open Day
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